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random notes from projekt :;:; [13 Mar 2004|06:59pm]
[ mood | happy ]

i miss you.

i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you i miss you.

i dont even know who im writing this nonsense about.  :)

i listen to soft music, and i makes me sad.  so much is starting to go on here.  this weekend is marked by second steps.  things are getting serious, maybe, just a little, maybe.  but dont worry, because second steps to me, are hardly first steps to so many. 

to me, though, they matter....immensely.  overall, this is a good time in my life.  i shouldnt be such an ingrate sometimes, to fate.  but then, im alone in my room, headphones filling my everything to the brim, calming me, helping me put it all at a distance somehow.... no, maybe just somehow through latex, its all more okay.  okay.  okayokayokay. 

the things i hear, "L, youre a good person."  "L, youre beautiful"  "L, youre intelligent" "L youre rad"...  tell me, what is hell going on here?  i shake my head, because these notions are still foreign.  no, not the notion of being good or beautiful, or clever, or even rad.  but its because these are things ive always wanted to be...things ive always admired.  or maybe occasionally, i knew i was okay, really ok, but nobody else in the universe let me on that they knew.  back when i was so alone, was i all those things?? .... then???  are these people just saying these things?  im confused.  its like mistaken identity.  im grateful though, really grateful...but in sort of a frightened way, because i dont really know how to deal.  im shocked, im happy, yes. yes yes yes. 

after im done with the head shaking, then i smile.  sometimes i even smile whilst shaking my head.

and, maybe lines are being crossed here.  the bubble...oh that damned bubble.  maybe im becoming human again.

maybe im becoming human......................................................................................again.



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another uselessssss entry [24 Feb 2004|12:21am]
[ mood | amused ]

drove my dad to jupiter (yes, its in FL) to meet up with a relative...that was nice.  yummy seafood on a deck with a beautiful view of some water and a lighthouse and silly pelicans.  we drove back on dixie and US1, which took forever, but was fun.  we ate gelato in delray :)

this past weekend was cool, and involved lots of time with rye.  we met at cubby hole, where his annoying faggy friend dragged him....the men there seemed fond of me.  we wandered to pour house and drank lotsa pumpkinhead...yummm...

sunday was a late-wakeup day, and E dawg took me to ren faire!  we wandered in are "garb" (<- like cheesy kinda gothy stuff), and had fun with the weirdos there.  E bought a mega fine bodice.  she just needed to buy something right then.  sigh sigh sigh...what am i gonna do with ya, E?  she works a lot though.  let her have her toy.

read a letter to a sarcastic and sardonic friend about this last weekend!!!Collapse )

and sunday night was laurens go bye bye thingy...me and rye tried to entertain ourselves.... i had to go get him at alibi, and deal with his wacked friend again.  eeeeek!   what fuckin attitude!  pour house was ok, but L's friends are all sooooo antisocial to anybody whos not in the secret club.  she, however, could do a better job helping everybody mingle (introducing people and encouraging them a little helps).  but then, thats not really what it was all about.  rye, however, is hot.  maybe hes getting hotter.  ho, hes always been hot.  we had a few slightly drunken moments ( i gave him stoli vanil from my car!)... there might have been a bit of snuggly knee rubbing.  and hey, maybe a few glances.  these arent bad signs... i coulda probably had him if i dared.  but then, i dont really dare fuck with my valuable friendships like that.  i really really really shouldnt cave in to silly temptation.  it probably couldnt ever work in the longer run.  time time time...we will see where it all goes eventually.  hmmmmmmmmm.


ryerye: why is this person so hot?  why is he gay?  hmmm this is one of those mindboggler thingies that answer the other thingy. 

there were moments on sunday night that did, however, give me hope indeed.  for a few seconds there (like sitting in the pourhouse in the dark) i got a bit of an idea that maybe i coulda made some kind of stupid move.  yah, stupid, you heard me.  moves on friends like that are stupid.  bleh.  siiiiigh.

mystery man ?: ok so maybe theres someone moving in on the scene....definately a boy in the box.  still debating adding this person for various reasons.  getting lots and lots of calls, etc.  this guy puts out some effort.  either he likes me lots, or hes collected and got it all down.  we will see. 

homeranikon: calls me in the middle of the night and keeps me on the phone for looooooong stretches of time.  i think he likes me.  hes a nice guy....eeeeehhh heh.

jeb: still annoyed....not really caring... impossible...bleh.  its always sad, but hey, nothing can be done.

joey: still annoyed....enjoying my vacation

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irony sweet irony [20 Feb 2004|03:33am]

is it wrong to have a crush on you gayish friend? what if hes pretty and funny and nice and stylish and sexy? what about just wanting his bod? hmmmmmmm... or um, oh i dunno, just kind of pondering some cas-sex? or or or....stop thinking about it babs. life is funny. here you are with a crush on a gayboi, while theres a pack of boys chasing you around, calling you, and showering you with gifts. poor rye, he cant help it if hes sexy. and here YOU are, at the moment only seeking friends, and everybody wants love or action or something. im off limits, and so is he.  heh.  at a time when youre vulnerable, i guess i can see how old friends one loves seem appealing. what kind of silly crush is this? the two of you are close, but not in the who know how kinda way. ok im tired and it baffles me at the moment. platonic byebye kisses, nomatter how brief, can be kinda *interesting*. and dammit, quit engineering ways to get yourself and this guy in the same bed or something, even in jest. heh heh, think about your own life, and quit. do us all a favor :)

btw, he thinks he wants to take the apartment :D

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mad at you and you and you [19 Feb 2004|02:15am]
[ mood | a bit worn out ]

a wee brief type update.
today: i ordered $120 in patterns, predominantly corsets.  there were a few others, like hats, and dresses and stuff.  the aim is gothy/fetishy niceness, and maybe ill actually launch myself a little with something i make, if its a success. gotta work toward my dreams, dammit.

went with parents, and my mom wanted to totally clean the triplex.  this meant going through all that stuff from the riz dayz, and tossing lots of things out.  im still pretty shocked with all that went down, and i guess the complete lack of closure has stupified me to let it just sort of sit there.  on the really cool news, though: RyeRye may be moving in there!!!!  thats awesome, n'est pas? 
i went out with RyeRye last night, to a gay bar, and had a blast.  ironically, i got hit on by some (presumably sexually confused) government prof at nova se.  pretty cool.  his name is Weed.  yah, hes kind of warm and nice, but all in all, no not interested.  A)hes hanging at a gay bar to meet some meat, B)hes probably way too old, C)hes kinda wrinkely, D)hes a bit crude (although maybe just drunk... he said women fall in love with him too easily, cause he fucks em soooo good... what?!?!? is this supposed to NOT repulse me?), E)he seems to think his possession of a cobra and a harley should attract me.  hes really forward about telling me these lame things.  then i asked if he owned a house....uh...no.  hmmmmmm rriiiiight. F) im not interested in a relationship right now. G)i might have better prospects at the moment. H) did i mention he was hanging at a gay bar to meet some meat?
ryerye and i still had fun.  since his friend duval had to go "drop off" this big blonde german, i had to drive my friend home.  sitting in his little room, yeah, im reminded how pretty he is.  he always had these nice lips.  i think i went out with mark in the first place, because he had some features that reminded me of ryerye's forbidden fruits.  looking at his IDs, i got to thinking, dammit, ryerye youre such a hottie.  if only you werent sssoooooooooooo not interested in women.
sigh.  it makes sense things are this way.  sigh

leb status: still mad at leb.  he just doesnt get it.  im pretty sure now, that he really probably never will.  i really shouldnt think about him anymore, cause what im looking for will never be, when it comes to him. sigh again.'

joey status: still mad.  i at least opened his valentines presents, which consisted of the following:  a painting by him about me and my dreams, a little metal box of writing stuff, and a packed peanutbutter and jelly lunch (!)  interesting.  very interesting.

everybody else?  eh, all holding steady.
i talked to yosh, and it seems hes surrounded by chickies.  i think hes kinda almost in a relationship wtih two of em.  bleh.

yes, theres a new box...for which a (possibly retroactive) account will have to be written...something about valentines day.  niteynite for now!

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bitching and danged phones [13 Feb 2004|02:07am]

maybe im just moody.....i dunno.

ive had a frustrating day here...  ..listen to me bitch about jeb...Collapse )

bitching online really isnt good, but im at the end of my rope here.  im just not interested in shit from anybody... if i get shit, ill treat people accordingly.  either they get less consideration, or i walk away.  it should be my new policy, since everybody wants a piece of me.

in OTHER news, yeah, im probably in a shitty mood because im looking for a cell phone.  anybody with any real experience with these things knows it blows.  stipulations, contracts, regulations, endless confusing information, charts of plans, minutes, evening times, calling areas, etc etc etc.

what do i want?  cheap plan, lots of time, and the option to leave this south floridian hell hole.  god only knows to where, as jeb will likely (80% chance) chicken out and leave me sleeping and weeping in a subway station.  if i go there, and dont see hospitality, then ill know where he stands on things, and then things will get simple. same goes for his offers for the next several months that either lead to me following my dreams or not.  if he knowingly screws my future, then ill know who he is (or isnt).  im scared of chicago (and its high-ass crime rate) on my own.  its just not an option then.  ultimately, i suspect he doesnt care about anybody but himself, though, and his own agenda. 

as for phones...im hoping on some national travel.   maybe ill do a few weeks in boston area, with the lovely geo, who has offered some really f*cking exciting artistic collaboration to little ole me. a steel corset??!!?!?  wow.  very cool.  and the guy is soooooo dead sexy.  and kinky too, dammit!

furthermore, im hoping to see morphmetv, who'll be in ohio and w virginia in march, and heading back to TX with his car.  dammit, hes a hottie, too.  really.  id just push him up against a wall in that little shiny dress and hair.  hed look at me, and id pull his short little skirt up. heh heh...ok, enough of that..  im sleeeepy.  tomorrow, i think im headed back for cell phone hell.yick. 

tmobile!  haahahahaaa well see.   soooooooo sleeeeeeeeeeeeepppy

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burgeoning obsession [09 Feb 2004|07:32pm]
[ mood | cynical ]

===sunday===: went out with one of my new friends, Nilla'n'nice, to do a little birthday celebration.  he turned 24, and since hes new to town, i volunteered to take him out.  we did pizza at young circle...all very good.  we swilled a whole carafe of wine, and then had to stumble around for a few hours to sober up.  the guy keeps talking about how cute he is... apparently he gets lots of attention from the ladies. heh, im not an ordinary girl, though.  im McSpecial.  he can talk all he likes :)  anyways, yeah, hes almost do-able, maybe, under the right circumstances... which might be a bit unlikely.  right.  nilla.  can i get into that?  nice guy, though, and yah, he is pretty cute.

===monday-wednesday===: put together resume for that job opening at the boca museum of art.
Jeb, thank you, you totally completely utterly rawked.  i couldnt have done it withoutcha, no way, no how.  dont i owe you something special now?

===wednesday night===: joey bambino takes me to the boca museum, just to scope it out (pretty boring, heh).  we meet a crazy limodriver/songwriter/musician, named spankx, and impress him.  we tell him joey was a magician in vegas.  we tell him lots of things.  joey buys me a lovely pseudo-chinese dinner from pfchang's.  i take yet another massive bouquet of exotic florals into my cluttered house. 
joeys florals are utterly amazing.  i get more and more worried about what might be a bit of an obsession from him.

===friday night===:  i hang out with my dear ole friend, rye rye, who i love and adore and think is totally spanky.  im grateful that hes not more straight, cause then maybe hed be in a box.  fortunately, hes avoided boxes, though hey, hmmm, id sleep with him in a second, i think.  what style! what a hottie! 
we even got to see lauren, another high school friend. 
at about 3am, we left down town, and the poorhouse, dropped off lauren and her man, and then headed over to lesters for a late night snacky.  i called up joey to say goodnight (i kind of felt like i had ditched him somehow), and he just drove all the way there... we didnt get outta there for hours! 

saturday REALLY deserves its own description...bleh.

weeks theme:::::::::::::::::: Burgeoning OBSESSION.  EEEEK~!!!!!!!!!!!

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a wild night at the fetish saloon [31 Jan 2004|03:19am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

ahhhhaaa saturday... ok so im writing about saturday on thursday...big whoop.

its worth the retrospective retroactive efforts.

saturday, or saturday night, to be more specific, was incredible.

to be brief, joey bambino and i went to josephers fetish cabaret. the day was devoted to collecting goodies for the evening...

listen to this, joey wanted to go to the fet party as a MILKMAN! hmmmm... extremely kinky. i completely supported this endevour. diversity is good.

i went classique- in a tightlaced beige corset, garters, stockings, boots, and leapord print bra. my hair was a mass of of victorian curly magical diaphanous fabric wonder. joeys milkman costume came off like nobodys business! he even had a little clipboard for his invoice pad, a boxy metal basket thingy filled with one quart milk bottles, a borden watch, the hat, black bowtie, and a pocketprotector crammed with pens for invoicing. it was fab.

i felt immensely watched all evening (i was ubercute, and my butt kinda showed), and made small talk with numerous persons.

however there were hitches to the evenings success...

LacyMachmismo, who has been putting the heat on me for weeks through so many love letters fraught wtih bad grammar and crappy spelling, was a total and complete ass the entire night.
when i wasnt being cornered, gropped, harassed, or whatever, i was avoiding him as best i could to avoid more of the things i just mentioned.
hey, i offered the guy an opportunity to talk to me decently... i did!

eventually, it came down to my seeing this friend of josepher, who i met on friday night at the poor house. this guy, ChainpantsBoi, who is a bit bland, but generally amicable and really pretty decent and non pushy, showed up and asked how it was going. eh, crappy, was my answer...i explained. he offered himself as a distraction. so i was on my way to a booth for a foot rub by joeybambino, but since he disappeared, i was gonna just take one from Chainpants. all was good. we climbed in a booth, me on the outside.

then here comes LacyMachmismo, and i tell Chainpants that switching seats would be a good idea... in the process of doing this, Lacy shoves Chainpants out of the way and somehow sits next to me, trapping me in a booth between him and a wall. this was obviously bad.
he says he wanted to talk just right then. i said i was gonna get a foot rub.
he gets mad, and says fuck you, gets up, and shoves Chainpants again.
then there was a fight...i know, big suprise. everybody got to see a guy in punkrock bondage pants and big ole black boots, and a shaved headed velvet and lace wearing rennie try to choke the life out of eachother. i was horrified, but yeah, flattered too. fights dont happen at these kinds of places, almost ever.

LacyMachmismo picked a fight with the wrong dude though, cause Chainpants was there to help out Josepher, the clubnight promoter. this resulted in his very humble pleading to not be kicked out and banned thenceforth. josepher instituted a restraining order...
"you will not talk to them, look at them, be within 5 feet of them...[ect., ect.]"

yay! the rest of my night was really good. i met lots of peeps, and got to spend time with my pals aida and tony. josepher got to thinking that im ok, and invited me to his and the lovely lisa's place later. hes gotta like me at least a little, cause i make sure at least one person shows up at his events in HighFetish. lisa and i might be doing a stage show together someday in the not-so-distant future.

joeybambino drove me home, and got to enjoy some kind of moment as i got my uncomfy stuff off and just wore undies and eventually light clothes. we ate cuban stand in the middle of the night. i got super mega tired from benadryl and cortaid and exhaustion. i left a few of my things behind in his car... more on that later...

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theres no rizzn to be angry here/ dorky rage lashes out [29 Jan 2004|04:53pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

ok, sooooo much has gone on!!! updating necessary!!!

rizzn, who has despicable stuff written about me on his wannabe blog has written yet more!!!  it all started again because i objected to his keeping my full name posted (hes been openly slandering me since its been over, and now id rather not be associated with him), and asked him, via a very nice private email, to remove it.  once again, he freaked, revealing that he is sub-human. he went totally overboard, polluting the internet with rambling crapola about who knows what (i didnt even read it, because it was too cumbersome and ridiculous).  however the kinds of things i understand he wrote werent only unfair, but untrue.  i have no idea what the guy believes to be reality... just so you know, its all wacked, twisted, and/or made up.

maybe rejection just makes people nasty.  bleh.

the guy is a freak and a drama-queen.  he really needs to be put back on the meds his parents put him on a few years ago.  he has become the laughing stock of my friends... i feel a little bad for him...that he is so frustrated, so naive, and so lame... and that fact that he gets so upset he reveals that he is a prenatured ecrackulator on his own website is preeeeeetty bad.  hehe

  he needs to grow up.

anyways, i shouldnt get flustered. all i really want is for everybody to be as cool as possible. maybe someday the jerk will see everything i did for him, how much i cared, and that i never really was his enemy. perhaps the price of being friends is too high for some of us to pay, right? even now, i dont wish him any harm... ...just that maybe he drops dead :D
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wednesday night chat... his pig is ready [29 Jan 2004|02:28am]

slimee says: youre feeling bad, arent you

San Jefe says: well, never happy with our arguments

San Jefe says: so yeah

San Jefe says: anyway

San Jefe says: dinner is ready

San Jefe says: bye!1

 slimee says: its amazing we put ourselves through this

San Jefe says: pretty much

 slimee says: we should ask ourselves why

jeb says: funny

jeb says: this am

jeb says: I was thinking that I should be getting sex if I am going to go through the same trials

 slimee says: lol

jeb says: how bout some oral?

jeb says:


jeb says: okayokay

jeb says: my pig is ready

jeb says: BBQ pork

 slimee says: sex, already?

 slimee says: hahahhaaaaaa

jeb says: hhahaha

 slimee says: ok have fun

jeb says: good one

 slimee says: lol

jeb says: bye

 slimee says: LOLOL bbbyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee



in other news:::::::::::::::::::: joeybambino took me out for a lovely piece of pistachio cheesecake and a yummy chai.  we had fun, and we found ourselves rummaging through the cosmetics clearance bin at eckerds in the weeee weeeeeeee hours of the morn.  i have lots of lipgloss, eyeliner, and sparklies now :D !!!

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a final status for the night [28 Jan 2004|04:07am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

jeb's status: another crappy night to be thrown on the heap. god, why oh why must it be that way? hes so distant and weird so often... i think he just cannot be affectionate. when its time, something in him seizes up, and hes just barely temperate. hes really never ever ever hot (at least, not in that sense).  i have theories on all this.  bleh to my theories.  in the end, he always makes me insecure and neurotic for some reason, temporarily.  if we could only only only get along...sigh.

rizzn status: im still googlible, and this really really bugs me.  im really beginning to lose my patience with it.  news from rizzn.com is that hes kinda maybe hooking up with some girl from a club (until she discovers that A)he doesnt bathe, and B) that hes boring, and C)that hes cracked).  if she can stand him, she can have him.  other news, he got stranded on the side of I-95 from the hours of 2am to 8am.  this helped to deflect all the annoyance with the google.  aaaaahhhhhhhh.

jose status: he called the day after my birthday party to say that his calls never made it through to joey bambinos cell phone.  hmmm jury is still out on all that.  but the bastard could have called my house to find out, or even just showed up.  he doesnt take things seriously enough to ever really come through.  this is how i feel based on a baaaad track record, and itll be tough for him to ever dig out of the hole hes in. heh.  maybe ill be merciful.  maybe not.

xavier status:  he sent me an email last night!  its about his feelings and his jealousy and blah blah and about how i treat my men and how my life style is too far out and all this other stuff.  he says he cant pursue me.  im relieved.  maybe this will get a little of the pressure off from the latin stallion.  no relationships for me, and especially not with anything that aint sub.  heheh. hes cool, though, and i wrote him a lengthy email about my situation, and wanting to be friends.  this is true.  hes potentially pretty useful and even cool to hang out with.  heh.  i think he bought it all, though, cause he looked for me later on chat.  im glad with that right now. phew.  (reality check: he only went on ONE date with me, ok?  whats the big deal? why do i get these emails?)

joey bambino: no calls, no nuthin.  im guessing hes been working alot today.  the lack of contact makes me a bit nervous.  ill call the boy tomorrow.

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geo, dollface! [27 Jan 2004|10:55pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

today i finally wrote a reply to Geo Homsy.... my sexy sexy uber nerd in cambridge, mass.

what a hottie!  its a shame it took me weeks and weeks and weeks to get the reply off, but hey, its because hes really the creme de la creme....theres so much pressure there!  furthermore, this was the email i had been kind of dreaming about. i let it wash over me for a while. ha, it was a bit of a conquest!  yay!


read the letter, babsCollapse )

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BIRTHDAY BIRTHDAY BIRTHDAY!!! [27 Jan 2004|02:05am]
[ mood | loved ]

last night, i had my birthday party, and it totally rawked.  yes, you heard me right, it rAWkd.  i was a happy happy girl...  i think it might have been my first real birthday party, ever!  ummm heheh....did you notice, my birthday isnt in january. heheh its in november. i just had my PARTY last night.  

ok, theres a reason for this.  on november 16, 2003, i was busy moving all this shit for my boyfriend at the time, rizzn.  the guy was evicted, and basically, he needed to be out the next day.  i was enlisted by my own well meaning and self sacrificial nature, and spent my birthday helping this guy out, who didnt do shit for me on my birthday.  because i was so busy, i even cancelled me entire weekend's plans (my birthday was even on a saturday), and put off my birthday dream: going to the icecream parlor with my old friends, which were all strangely in the same area for once.  we were just going to go to jaxsons ice cream parlor and eat sundays together.  simple, huh?  bleh.  all cancelled.  i was 25, now soooo much older (officially definitely inarguably mid 20s), and i got nothing but shit.  he wouldnt even find a few mintues to come to my familys dinner thingy.  i wasnt that important, i guess.  the whole disaster culminated with riz crashing my moms minivan and lying about it at 7 the next morning.  things were never the same, and i was in a lousy mood about birthdays ever since.


yeah, i was a birthday scrooge, cursing all birthday happiness in others!  bleh!


so, alright my birthday had passed, but i still felt like crap.  some people suggested that hey, its never too late, and that i should do the party anyways.

finally, it all came together with joey bambino, my new friend, and newest boy in the box...

we were sitting around, eating and talking when he brought up the idea...."oh thats a shame!  you should have a birthday!  ill give you one!"

and holy cow, thats just what he did!

we met at jaxons ice cream around 9pm... i had my friend ryerye, who i was seeing for the first time in years....we were catching up and delighted with eachother.  we met up with joe and esta, both long time friends, and with aida & tony, and aidas son, chiles (who could resist bringing a 13 year old to an icecream parlor?!?).  joey bambino brought his friend natalie, and jose (who i went to great lengths to invite) was AWOL.  company was good, and the party was awesome!


as for icecream, yes, i got it, including a birthday sparkler!  i couldnt believe it... two months later and i get my sparkler... unbelievable!  we sang the birthday song.  i

BOY IN THE BOX PART, comin up.  this party was all the fabulous work of joey bambino.  as i got out of my car, i noticed him in the next spot... there he was in the parking lot, wearing a TUXEDO (!!!) and desperately trying to manage all his birthday gear. 

i got everything!  there were balloons (he lost two bunches before he got em into his car), and presents (the guy gave me nice gifts, including jewelery), and a centerpiece made from birds-of-paradise, and a huge banner made from one of his bedsheets, "Happy 25th Birthday Laura!", all set up in a display at the parlor.  there were hats, and there was even a cake (in addition to the ice cream we were to eat).  he put my name on it, himself.  this was all joey.  all i really needed was ice cream, afterall.


blew out 25 candles on my cake.  i was delighted.  this was an excellent birthday simulation.  i believed it myself.


the party, however, hadnt even begun.  AFTER ice cream and cake, a few people (joe, aida & co.) split off, and left the rest of us (esta, ryerye, natalie, and i) to go to joeys place for after dessert drinks.   whhhoooohhhooohooo were we in for something.  in joeys cosy hollywood cottage, we were served champagne from jouliet glasses.  we munched shrimp, and nibbled beautiful platters of cheese

and fruit... all served by joey bambino, who was now doffing a chefs uniform (!!!!!).  there were marshmellows to roast over a little flame.  there was fetuccini and lemon chicken.  the guy frantically worked at an amazing speed.  the whole thing...the whole evening, was *remarkable*.


finally, i stopped him before he could start the strawberries flambe and bananas foster.  poor joey, its time to rest, and let me actually see you in a state of non-frantic sleep-deprived mania (he hadnt slept since 10am on the previous day).

ryerye had school in the morning, so finally we had to go. wow though... wow... even the left overs were tinfoiled into little swanies for me.  hahaaa.. really something.  im sure ill remember this for a loooooooooong time.

all that was missing was the doll cake :D

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